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Playing cards custom made for magicians is TMCARDS strength. Marked decks for magicians require careful planning and extreme design skills to make sure that the markings are not readable by the unskilled eye.


TMCARDS offers magicians and magic suppliers the freedom to choose what typical type of magic cards sell.


You can have the short deck ,svengalli or the tapered deck which is usually in stock with single designs. The svengalli or the tapered deck is exquisitely manfactured so that the taper is less than 1/2 an mm.


The taper is almost impossible to notice on the deck that has all the cards straight.Magicians have their own specific trick playing cards with the number of cards being as low as 1 or 2 per set. Magicians can also procure the rainbow deck which is a great favourite of street and solo magicians. TMCARDS loves the challenges that every magician brings to the table with their own specifications on every deck.