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Playing Cards Ordering Process Guide

Step 1.Please upload your requirements so that we can give you a precise quote along with an order timing for your order. Please make sure your email address and contact details are true as the location of delivery would make a difference in the cost.

Step 2. Samples. Samples are free and all you need to do is let us have your FedEx or DHL account number and we will send you as many samples as you might require.

Just in case you do not have an account with the carriers then we can send you a secure on line payment link for US$ 35 for the samples.

If the order is processed with TMCARDS then we will refund you the amount spent on logistics.

The above exercise is necessary to discern the serious buyers from the not so serious ones.

Step 3. Upload your designs and we will proof them and send them back to you for approval.

Step 4. Once approved complete the online Wells Fargo Authorize payment process and you are good to go.

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Black Centered Stock
Black centered stock is the professional playing card stock that is used in the casinos worldwide to make the front and the back non-discernable when held against a strong light.

Most of the stock used by TMCARDS is either imported or domestic as the order demands. Card Stock not having a black center is usually termed as cheap playing card stock and there are a whole lot of manufacturers that quote less in offering a cheaper grey centered stock which is opaque easily bendable and foldable stock which warps quickly.

Minimum runs are for 100 Decks

Art Card (White Centered Stock)
Art card or white centered stock is primarily used for playing cards which have a heavy design on the back to shield the pips and is used primarily in the lower end playing cards. Minimum Runs are for 100 Decks

Pure Plastic Playing Cards
Pure plastic stock is washable PVC playing cards that are UV printed and coated to give you a long lasting deck of playing cards and is available in 250 to 330 micron thicknesses that correspond to grammages in paper stock.

Pure plastic stock comes in two categories of stock of fully opaque (Deluxe) white and is a little less opaque (cheaper).
It works in the same way where the less opaque stock is a cheaper option and would do well with a heavier design on the back to protect the pips from being seen thru.

Production Process
The cards are printed on the state of the art Heidelberg printing presses in the necessary format to assist collating on the automatic collating machines. They are then coated with aqua based or UV coatings to give it the final sheen and feel. If required linen finishing or embossing is available on request.

All types of playing cards manufactured by TMCARDS are slit and collated with automatic sensory machines and then punched individually in the process as the best cards in the world are in the US and UK.

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